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2D and 3D Drawings

Sometimes ideas can take many directions, so it's worth exploring a variety of solutions by creating a series of concept sketches. They're useful for obtaining feedback from focus groups or generating interest for potential investors. Using 3D modeling programs, we can build digital representations of a product idea and use that data to generate rapid prototypes, renderings, and parts ready for manufacture. It's a time-saving way to test ideas and assumptions before committing to a final design.


We also specialize in creating easy to follow manuals with descriptive graphics and clearly worded instructions. From simple line drawings to more complex drawings or photos, our goal is to communicate simplicity at every step.

• Instruction Manuals

• Patent Drawings

• Computer Models

• Photo-realistic Renderings

• Concept Drawings

• Illustrative Diagrams

• 3D Renderings

3D Printing and Prototypes

Moving your design into three dimensions is a worthwhile step that can uncover strengths and weaknesses. An appearance model can be used for showing investors or taking photographs for a brochure. Alternatively, a fully-functional rapid prototype is meant to emulate the final design down to the last detail.


Our industrial design workflow centers around 3D digital models that can be easily modified and tested to validate design decisions. These models are useful for creating photo-realistic renderings, working prototypes, or even animations. Finally, we will prepare a set of control drawings that describe the manufacturing details necessary for successful molding and assembly.

• In-house 3D Printing

• Rapid Prototypes

• Foam Models

• Form Studies

• Appearance Models

Professional Photography

Visually expressing the best qualities of your product or service through photography is a powerful and important part of the design process. Effective brochures, web sites, and packaging all start with great looking photos with a talented photographer behind the camera - someone with both an artistic eye and the technical expertise essential for creating attractive images. We use an all-digital work flow that ensures color consistency and allows us the flexibility to work across different media such as print, web, and video.

• In-house or On Location

• Photo and Art Direction

• All-Digital Work flow

• Photo Manipulation

• Retouching

Web Site Design

Having an Internet presence is a great way of establishing a professional image for your company. Visitors will find it convenient too, giving them a quick way to learn about your products or services. A good site is easy to navigate, well organized, and makes use of 'keywords' in the copy and links to help with search engine ranking. Also using Google Analytics to find out more about visitors to your site can help improve your customers' experience. We can help entrepreneurs, doctors, restaurants, and other small to mid-sized companies create an easy to use, thoughtfully designed web site.


We partner with Linea, headquartered in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in Gaungdong Province. This relationship offers high value molding and assembly, with rapid turnaround. Established and conscientious, we can help you get your products to market faster with lower investment.

Injection Molding

•  Hardened steel molds

• Molds from 3D digital models

• Tight tolerances

• All common thermoplastics

• Insert molding


Complex Assembly

• Stampings, lenses, gaskets

• Electronics

• Testing and inspection

• Retail packaging


Post-molding Operations

• Pad printing

• Hand decoration

• Flocking

• Ultrasonic welding

Soft Goods Prototyping

We can create soft goods samples that are production quality as well as quick study mock-ups for evaluation.  These soft prototypes allow us to test ideas quickly and are also useful tools in bridging communication gaps with manufacturing vendors outside the U.S.

Legal Expert Witness

Carla Blackman has experience in providing expert witness consultation for the legal profession. She has dealt with personal injury cases in relation to products and retail environments. Please call her at 440-871-0600 for more information.

Legal expert witness Carla Blackman

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