For almost 40 years we’ve helped hundreds of inventors, doctors, and entrepreneurs create award-winning products that improve and enhance people’s lives. No matter where you are in the development cycle, we will collaborate with you at each step of the design process to bring your idea to life. Though every product’s journey is different, here are the general steps of Design Interface’s design process:


  1. Ideation

The first stage for creating a new product, after researching competitive designs that already exist, is to create a series of concept sketches that explore features, colors, and methods for manufacture. It’s at this stage that we ask the big questions about the future of the product. What forms could it take? Is the product going to satisfy the problem it was created for? What other possible directions could development take? What ergonomic analysis is needed?


  1. Develop Solutions

Once an idea is chosen, work on 3D models begins, along with graphics, and details. Often, we create 3D digital files of a new product idea and render them or create prototypes using our array of 3D printers. The goal of this step is to join together the grand ideas of what a product can be with the methods and techniques of how it can be made.


  1. Prototype, Test, Repeat

When a solid concept is found, prototypes are constructed and tested for usability, manufacturability, ergonomics, and aesthetics, to ensure it satisfies all our criteria for success. Repeating this loop of prototyping, testing, and gathering user feedback is crucial for making sure the design is right — that is, it works for customers, you can build it, and you can support it.


  1. Finishing Touches

With a completed and satisfactory prototype, all the other documentation and design work is finished up that is necessary for the production and sale of a product. From dimensioned drawings to logos to labels and everything in between, there can often be a tremendous amount of work involved with launching any design.


  1. Implementation

Finally, when all the work is done, the product can, at last, be sold or implemented in whatever role best suits it. Though the process can be a tough journey, there is nothing that makes a designer prouder than seeing something that was once just a sketch on a napkin grow into something real and powerful.


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