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Communication During Social Distancing

June 16, 2020

As designers we work best with good communication skills with your team. But with social distancing taking place and masks required, how do we keep the design flow strong? As places are re-opening there...

The Design Workflow

We begin new projects with a meeting, where we actively listen to your ideas, determine your requirements and gather information about your objectives and timeframe. Next we will prepare a price quote, which outlines the scope of work, before moving forward.

This is a dynamic phase where we get creative. We’ll take what we’ve learned and generate several ideas, usually in the form of computer sketches or 3D models. Concepts are ‘loose’ while we explore various possibilities. The client reviews the ideas and works closely with us to choose a final direction.

Now the overall design is developed further and begins to take shape. For new products we often create a working prototype to validate the details. Final artwork or control drawings are prepared for use in the next phase (Deliver) by a vendor to create the finished design.

If everyone is satisfied with the final design, we move to this final step. Completed control drawings are handed off to the appropriate vendor who will produce the finished items. As first article samples arrive, we check them for quality assurance. And, we deliver on deadline and on budget of course.





Workflow for design consultants in Cleveland Ohio Workflow for design consultants in Cleveland Ohio Workflow for design consultants in Cleveland Ohio
Workflow for design consultants in Cleveland Ohio


“The special issue [of our journal] was very well received by all whom I have shown it. It is really great and impressive. Thank you so much for all the hard work you invested and the great cooperation, which I really appreciate.”


Thomas B.

European Patent Office


“We approached Design Interface on a product development project to give us a fresh, outsider’s perspective. They were extremely professional, analytical and thorough with everything they presented.  Due to their calculated approach, Design Interface played an instrumental role in the development of multiple new products.  We consider them a valuable partner that we would call on again.”


Greg B.

Product Management and Development


“What a way to end the year… delivery of 9,000 GymValets, awesome web site up and running, photo shoot that would make Ansel Adams proud, 2,000 post cards in my possession, and 100’s of GymValets winging their way to all parts of the country. Thank you for all of your hard/great work in helping this all come together. This is NOT luck—this is incredibly talented and creative professionals doing incredible work.”


Bruce S.

Ph.D., Exercise Physiologist

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