Our full design portfolio of medical devices demonstrates our technical know-how, thorough understanding of the life sciences industry, ability to meet exacting standards, integrated cost-effective approaches, and our experience in successfully accomplishing simple to complex product designs. We lend our expertise to the earliest phases of development that involve prototypes and testing, to FDA submissions, and transfer to manufacturing. Our portfolio represents decades of medical device design experience—knowledge that can bring your device to commercial reality.


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SoleStretch mdeical device for treating plantar fasciitis

SoleStretch™ Foot and Leg Stretcher

For those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, the SoleStretch™ Foot and Leg Stretcher provides a proper stretch that is controlled, pain-free and non-weight bearing. All exercises are performed while seated which enables the leg and foot muscles to fully relax. The 2-piece handle comes apart for additional exercises and portability.

The Juzo Compression Wrap and Pressure Monitor is a medical device designed by Design Interface Inc.

Juzo® Compression Wrap
and Pressure Monitor

Wrap features a reversible design, easy pull tabs, minimal overlying straps and special notches that resist gaping and bulk. The Pressure Monitor uses an innovative wand to simplify measuring pressure inside the wrap.

Medical device design of a vascular therapy pump for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis.

Vascular Therapy Pump

Portable compression pump that provides Deep Vein
Thrombosis (DVT) therapy at home.

Medical device design of a wireless pulmonary monitor.

Wireless Pulmonary Monitor

Paired with a bedside monitor, the disposable sensor pads can
send lung function readings in real time to remote devices.

Medical device design of an infrared thermometer.

Infrared Thermometer

This infrared thermometer reads temperature without touching.
Also measures body, room, and surface temperatures.

The Urassist urine collection system.

UrAssist® Urine

Collection System

A battery-operated, noninvasive vacuum pump-assisted system
quietly draws urine from a collection cup through a plastic tube into
a collection bag that stores a day’s amount of urine.

Industrial design of a wearable DVT pump.

Wearable DVT Pump

Wearable compression pump for post-surgical DVT prevention.

TLIF surgical instruments designed by Design Interface Inc.

TLIF Surgical Instruments

This set of stainless steel tools are used to implant a spacer
into the cavity between vertebra during a transforaminal
lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) surgical procedure.

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