Package design for Pocketbowls chip and dip bowl set.

Pocketbowls Packaging

We created both the product and packaging for Pocketbowls Chip and Dip Bowl Set. For the packaging, we aimed for a sophisticated look with a classic black exterior, featuring a photo of the product on the front. The back showcases a lifestyle image of the bowls in use, along with suggestions for what you can serve in them.

Vial decapper packaging for ExitSafe decapers.

Vial Decapper Packaging

This packaging was designed to hold 40 ExitSafe™ decappers. ExitSafe is a innovative one piece complient decapper that can remove up to 3 different cap sizes from medication vials commonly used in hospitals.

Wound Care Kit packaging for XSONX.

Wound Care Kit

XSONX® wound care kit contains the XSONX Wound Hygiene System. Powerfully cleans and debrides chronic and contaminated wounds.

Kit contains:

• Reusable Handpiece

• Scrubbing Head

• Debriding Head

• Small Debriding Head

Package design and interior foam layout for Quantum Healing System.

Quantum Healing System

The package for the Quantum Healing System holds the handheld system, changer, and cord. 

Food packaging design for Fowler's Mill baking mixes.

Baking Mix Packaging

This updated design for Fowler’s Milling Company baking mixes consists of 27 varieties that are sold to farm markets and orchards across the U.S.

• Package and Label Design

• Nutritional Labels

• UPC Labels

Package design and instruction manual of Mbrio pregnancy earbud adapters.

Bye-Bye Rags Packaging

Hang hole boxes featuring new innovative clean-up product for painting. Bye-Bye Rag can easily remove mistakes without a ladder or bending. Simply attach device to any extension pole or broom with adapter before any project. Assists in cleaning while working to save time. 

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Package design and instruction manual of Mbrio pregnancy earbud adapters.

Mbrio Packaging and Instructions

Expectant moms can now share music with their baby in the womb through mbrio earbud adapters. Design Interface worked with mbrio to develop the package design, create illustrations, photography and the instruction manual.

Package Design Cleveland example showing retain carton

Retail Package

In-house product photography and illustrations showcase the many benefits and features of this retail product.

Retail package for Crochet Kitty handmade cat toys.

Crochet KittyTM Packaging

A whimsical touch as used on this custom die-cut package and hang tags for a company specializing in handmade cat & dog accessories.

Retail package design for Brewer's Best beer kit.

Brewers Best Beer Kit

Home brewery kit retail package.

Retail carton design for Beyond Seven condom package.

Beyond Seven® Condom Packaging

Careful selection of color helps to differentiate the variety of offerings for this brand.

Point of purchase display


Have you ever been moved to buy something based on its packaging? Tapping into the emotions of your target audience plays an important role in the success of your product.

Well-designed packaging can become the “silent salesperson” that quickly and effectively turns a want into a need that hooks the buyer. The combination of package structure, color, imagery, and fonts should engage consumers on an emotional level and tell your brand’s story.


5 Reasons to Hire a Package Designer

1. Creative ideas that sell
Design Interface can generate unique design packages that’ll make your products stand out. And this can be as simple as including details opting for hand-illustrated designs, choosing a unique font, or using reusable packaging materials. Remember, it takes less than a second for a prospect to form an opinion on your product based on the packaging.

2. Can simply explain your product
Your products might be the same as a competitors, but how you present them makes all the difference. Having a superior box packaging design puts you in a prime position to be different from your competitors.

3. Experience with product photography
 By hiring Design Interface you’re getting the help of skilled designers, art directors and in-house photographers. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your package is eye-catching and stands out from the crowd.

4. Knows package production
As a professional product design company, we have experts that can make your package a “silent sales person.” We know color, shape and design language that customers want to see in quality products. Communication is key!

5. Vendor liaison
With our 35 years of experience we have built vendor relationships with quality box makers. Let us lend our expertise to your next product.

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