Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is like a company’s personality. It is how a business acts, talks, and is seen by people. Includes the company name, logo, colors, and how it resents itself to the public. A strong corporate indenty is important because it helps a company be recognized by its customers and stand out from competitors.

Branding Process

Creating a strong brand involves three important steps: research, strategy, and design. If we only focus on design, the result might not be very meaningful. If we put too much emphasis on research and strategy, we might end up with a brand that’s too logical but not very creative. It’s important to find the right balance between all three steps.

Flexi~Bling Hand Made Jewelry

Elegant hand made jewelry calls for a delicate touch when considering a brand identity that feels beautiful and modern. The logo, typography and graceful photographs support each other to capture the right mood for the company’s website and marketing materials.


Logo for Heroes Run


Your brand is the building block of your company identity – it all starts here. The colors, fonts, imagery, and logo that appear on your business cards, letterheads, packaging, website and elsewhere should be consistent and reinforce each other. Those graphical elements combine to produce a “personality” that represents your company’s vision and create a positive experience.

Home Made logo by Design Interface Inc.

Corporate Brand Style Guides
Logo Design
Typography & Color Selection
Company Signage

Business Cards & Letterheads
Packaging Design
Product Photography
Trade Show Graphics

Sales Literature
Business Brochures
Website Design
Printed or Online Media

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