3D Rendering and Animation

Experience it, don’t just imagine it. We transform your concepts into engaging and immersive demonstrations, guaranteed to impress your audience.

ExitSafe™ is a innovative one piece complient decapper that can remove up to three different cap sizes from medication vials commonly used in hospitals.

A raised bed garden is a rewarding and practical way to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Not only does it offer improved soil quality, better drainage, and weed and pest control, but it also maximizes space utilization, making it a great option for small yards or urban gardens.

Design Interface has collaborated with XSTIM over the past year to develop engineering blueprints and a product animation for their newest innovation.

Product introduction animation for tradeshow featuring the miniaturized model of the Electrom ITIG motor tester.


New products often need to be visualized before they can be made. We use popular software such as Solidworks and Keyshot to produce realistic renderings and animations to give customers a feel for how the finished item will look. In addition, line art illustrations can help explain how a product functions which is useful for creating instruction manuals or patent drawings.

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