1. Creative ideas that sellDesign Interface can generate unique design packages that’ll make your products stand out. And this can be as simple as including details opting for hand-illustrated designs, choosing a unique font, or using reusable packaging materials. Remember, it takes less than a second for a prospect to form an opinion on your product based on the packaging.

2. Can simply explain your product—Your products might be the same as a competitors, but how you present them makes all the difference. Having a superior box packaging design puts you in a prime position to be different from your competitors.

3. Experience with product photography— By hiring Design Interface you’re getting the help of skilled designers, art directors and in-house photographers. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your package is eye-catching and stands out from the crowd.

4. Knows package production—As a professional product design company, we have experts that can make your package a “silent sales person.” We know color, shape and design language that customers want to see in quality products. Communication is key!

5. Vendor liaison— With our 35 years of experience we have built vendor relationships with quality box makers. Let us lend our expertise to your next product.

Design Interface Inc. can show you what is possible. Our forward-thinking solutions for product design, package design, medical device design, graphic design and photography unlock the value of your ideas as we communicate your message and goals. See more here: https://designinterface.com/