1. Creative ideas that work—Choose your product design firm based on their specialty. When your firm of choice knows their way around your category, they can make more effective recommendations. Like specific tweaks to your design to benefit your prospective consumers, or suggestions for materials or manufacturing processes that you might not have been aware of.

2. Knows SolidWorks & Keyshot—Integrated design tools and software allow designers to explore forms more freely while providing engineering and manufacturing teams with earlier visibility into design concepts.

3. Ergonomics expertise—Industrial designers integrate all aspects of form, fit and function, optimizing them to create the best possible user experience. They also create visually appealing designs that can stand the test of time and ensure that the product is ergonomically suited to fit the user.

4. Know how to design for manufacture—From prototyping to assisting you with pushing your final product to market, there’s no added value in spending the time and money trying to wade through planning the operations yourself.

5. Vendor liaison—The product design companies already have everything that they need from vendors to provide goods and services to your organization.

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