From the original moka pot to Richard Sappers “9090” coffee maker design, to the “Juicy Salif” lemon squeezer by Philippe Starck, Alessi has been innovating and changing the way we look at everyday objects for almost 100 years. During these years Alessi has challenged the idea of “art” and the value of “multiplied art.” 


The creative world is ever changing, but there are certain things that we remember and special things that stand out. Alessi is one of those things. Alberto Alessi was known to be a risk taker, and he was able to build off of that to become one of the world’s top design brands. His collaboration with other designers and artists was something that brought the company even further in it’s success. A group of creators ready and willing to push the boundaries of critical thinking, that is how you become great. That is how you grow.


Thank you Alessi for 100 years of design inspiration. 


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