There is no technology that is more rapidly advancing and evolving that that of artificial intelligences (AI) in the world today. These new smart machines have numerous exciting applications in every aspect of our world, none more so than the field of design.

Already, the most advanced AIs can create incredibly detailed and imaginative product concepts at hundreds of times the speed of a human designer. Though they may still lack on occasion an eye for what is possible, algorithms such as DALL-E 2, StableDiffusion, and Midjourney, among others, represent a new frontier in the field of ideation and concept generation. Beyond the drawing board, AIs have seen widespread application in the manufacturing sector, where increasing smart machines unlock faster and more complex methods to create objects that would have been impossible even just a few years before.

Though some may express concern about the possibility of robots taking over the field, if not the world beyond it, such fears are largely unfounded. Like computer-aided design (CAD) and many other disruptive technologies before it, AI-aided design represents the next step in the evolution of the design world, and one which can open the doors to innovative products and imaginative forms that are truly beyond what we can imagine.

For any designers or hobbyists looking to learn more about AI design tools and how to get started on the path to mastering these tools, there are plenty of free resources on Youtube and other media platforms, about how to take the first steps. For those looking to jump right in, several options are available: For generating product concepts, sign up for the DALL-E 2 waitlist. For writing needs, check out NovelAI. For those with a bit of programming knowledge, StableDiffusion is a highly flexible program that can get the job done. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and new AIs are developed all the time.

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