You are given a new project to work on and it happens, you sit there, staring blankly, and waiting for inspiration to strike. How can this be your a creative person? But even a creative person can’t just turn creativity on and off like a light switch.

Lost mojo is something that affects all of us, at least some of the time. Here are some steps on how to switch on the creative magic when you genuinely need to.

1. Step away from the problem. It helps to step away and give your brain a little time to process things. The chances are that when you return, fresh ideas will come.

2. Make a playlist. Another way to jolt your brain into being more creative is to change up the sounds you’re listening to. Listening to certain bands and albums can help create a clear switch in your mind when you need to be creative.

3. Make a mess. Sometimes your creativity can be held back because you’re trying to devise a refined, finished product at the start, rather than being looser and freer with your ideas. Experiment first, get a huge piece of paper, sketch out anything that comes to you no matter how ridiculous it is put it on paper, and just make a mess.

4. Employ mindfulness. If you’re struggling to be creative, it could be because you’re in the wrong state of mind. So do something about it. Taking the time to be mindful before taking on a creative task or project. Sometimes totally removing yourself from all those thoughts in your head is a helpful way to see the bigger picture.

5. Make things quickly. Having too much time to work on a project can sometimes hold you back. Conversely, putting time restrictions in place can be a great way to unblock your flow.

6. Recreate scenarios. Recreate scenarios where creativity has struck before. Inspiration often comes from something you saw while traveling or just walking outdoors. Try to close your eyes and immerse yourself in your favorite playlist. It can work like magic.

7. Develop a ritual. One of the most effective ways to get your creative juices flowing is to create a ritual of things you do every time you start a new project. Whatever that process consists of; it’ll be so much better than just staring at the walls, waiting for inspiration to strike.

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