Graphic design isn’t just about putting things together randomly. It’s more like following a recipe, where each project has its own step-by-step process. Here is our 5-step creative recipe for great-looking graphic design.

Prep-Time: Kickoff meeting to define the scope of the project

–We start by meeting to determine what the project should include. It’s best to meet one-on-one to make sure we understand each other. We ask many questions and listen carefully to set goals, targets, and a schedule we all agree on.

Review Ingredients: See what is out there. Who are the competitors?

–We take a look at what’s already out there. Who are your competitors? What’s effective and what isn’t? We assess where you are now and decide who you want to reach.

Start Main Course: Start the creative process to create a visual for the client.

–We kick off the creative process, look over things internally, and develop a design that connects your brand with your customers.

Sample While Creating: Discuss the ideas and concepts with clients.

–We meet with you to discuss the design ideas and make choices together. We value your input and improve the design based on your feedback. Usually, this involves two or three rounds of getting your thoughts.

Serve Finished Product: Final changes and finished product delivered.

–Our careful attention to detail makes the final result an excellent investment for your company, whether it’s for printing or digital use. So, if you need graphic design and a plan that helps you connect and communicate better with your customers — take a seat at our table!

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