Adobe Photoshop’s new integrated AI tool is here, powered by Adobe’s Firefly AI algorithm. You can access it today by downloading Adobe Photoshop Beta and get right to creating within a few minutes. The tool is simply integrated into the Photoshop workflow, with just a few things that a creator needs to know before they can get started:

  1. To begin, make a selection anywhere on the canvas, be it a blank page or an existing image.
    • The generative fill option will be available by default, or in the right-click menu.
  2. Click generative fill and type a short prompt of what you want to create.
    • The tool will use the selected area and surrounding canvas as context to better blend the result with your image.
    • Keeping your prompt between 3-8 words will help maximize cohesion.
    • If you don’t like your result or want to see more options, just click generate again, and perhaps change your text prompt.
    • The generated area will be saved as a separate layer from your base image, allowing for editing of the two separate or combined, and the blending of multiple generations.
  3. Just like adding something new to a canvas, you can also use generative fill to remove something. Simply select an area with the subject you wish to remove and perform a generative fill with no prompt, and it will be filled in based on the surrounding image.
  4. To generative fill a background, inverse your selection and then perform the generative fill as normal.
  5. To outpaint a canvas, use the crop tool to expand the canvas size, then perform a generative fill in the blank area to see your image expand!
    • You can type in a prompt or not when outpainting. If no prompt is entered, the generative fill will extend the content of your original canvas.

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