Applying our industrial design skills, we helped to define the product form and features for Marodyne LiV, a bone growth and muscle stimulation device specifically developed to increase bone density and quality, while also activating and conditioning the leg muscles in a safe and effective manner.

A very precise low-level vibration is transmitted at a high frequency to the body while standing on the device. Only 10 minutes a day is sufficient to make your bones and muscles stronger, and this level of vibration is safe.

People with osteoporosis or decreased bone density (osteopenia), or those with reduced muscle strength, balance problems, and risk of falling can easily, safely, and effectively overcome these conditions by utilizing Marodyne LiV for 10 minutes per day. This preventive, natural way of bone and muscle stimulation can help you to live a longer, healthier, and independent life. For more information about Marodyne LiV go to:

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