Expectant Moms can now share music with their baby in the womb through mbrio earbud adapters. DI worked with mbrio to develop the package design. It started with Jonathan Klinger and his design for the mbrio earbud adapters. We advised him that the package would be the “Silent Salesperson” communicating the product’s features and benefits.

It’s a premium box that holds 2 earbud adapters for pregnant women to clip onto their waistband. We designed the Instructions for Use (IFU) to show how it’s used. We rendered the outside illustration using SolidWorks, Keyshot and Photoshop. The back icons were developed to illustrate each feature: SoundSafe Design, Patented Technology, SkinSafe Materials, Waistband Clip and mbrioMusic Compilations. Line drawings were crafted in Illustrator with page layout in InDesign. The finished package has a silk-touch finish and slides together easily. Visit: www.mbriotech.com for more information.

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