Every quarter we receive an Emigre magazine, a publication that informs us about new fonts. The latest copy is “The Emigre Coloring Book.” The books pages are designed with a new font called “Crackly.” Crackly was designed by Zuzana Licko and is composed from straight lines that intersect at various angles.


The idea for Crackly came from Licko’s ceramic stacked totem sculptures, which are made from modular cones and disks of different sizes and angles. She made herself a font so she could type out various sculpture compositions before assembling them. When Licko was experimenting with the Crackly patterns, it occurred to her that the compositions would make excellent graphics for coloring, so a coloring book was created.


The pattern fonts can be used to make compositions and to generate your own coloring pages. Or use Crackly for any other pattern applications, such as backgrounds.


You can download a free PDF version of the Emigre Coloring Book from the Emigre website. https://www.emigre.com/Fonts/Crackly