Haynes Motor Museum in Yeovil, England was a great side trip for design ideas. It houses 400 vehicles, the UK’s biggest exhibition of cars and motorbikes dating from 1900 to today. Car enthusiasts might know the HAYNES manuals for repairing autos. John Harold Haynes started it at age 16 when he illustrated a simple how-to-manual for repairing his Austin 7, which then grew to include the Austin Healey Sprite. The enterprise became a publishing powerhouse that continues today. Many Haynes Manuals bear a cover illustration of a cutaway view technical drawing of the vehicle, hand-drawn by Terry Davey. A good reminder for many us of the good old days before CAD when everything was hand drawn. BTW: Fun surprise…Stonehenge not far down the road. ~Carla

Photos: Morris Mini-Cooper from 1965, a tiny car at 10′ long, 4.5′ wide and 4.4′ high.
Terry Davey, the man with the xray eyes at work.

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