Packaging is extremely important in the world of subscription boxes, the look and feel of the box matters just as much as its contents. Whether you’re looking for monthly shipments of clothes, makeup, beauty products, candy, healthy snacks, prepared meals, or even kid stuff, there’s literally a box for everyone. The appeal is not the fact that the box is delivered to your door, but the unique retail experience it offers. When surprise and delight are the main drivers of this market, some subscription box packaging has been made to tell a story as you unbox. So it is important to give a lot of thought to your subscription box packaging design, and how the different custom options can work for your brand.

Some of the ways these subscription boxes capture the customer are through custom printed boxes which allow them to show off their personality and brand identity. Custom tissue paper also provides a great opportunity to continue the brand narrative on the inside of your package. Custom stickers are a great focal point in packaging design, they create brand awareness for a low cost. Custom packing tape also is a great option for external branding if custom boxes stretch your budget too far. You can use it to seal up your boxes, but also as decoration for plain packaging.

I was awed when I saw how many subscription boxes exist.

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