There’s an obstacle on the horizon. Like almost every other industry, design has been infiltrated by artificial intelligence. Are the robots taking over our designers, too? Will graphic design even be a field in a few years?

As I read this article I was glad to find out that Graphic Design, by human designers, provides a creative visual experience that enhances every brand, whether it’s looking at websites, packaging, signs, or even a book. However, AI has its place in graphic design, and AI-powered design tools and software can be an advantage to designers in search of inspiration.

One thing AI cannot yet provide, and the human designer can, is the human touch when it comes to the understanding of the personality behind a brand. That doesn’t mean that things won’t continue to change and AI design shouldn’t be ignored, because it will become the way of the future. It is important to keep up with new trends and technology. In short, the ability to adapt is key to survival. And that’s what will keep you in high demand.

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