Our Story

For 40 years, Design Interface has been the go-to source for turning new product ideas into reality. Through three recessions and a loyal client base, we’ve stood the test of time.

Back in 1976, Carla and Adrian met at Central St. Martin’s in London, both graduating with BA (Hons) degrees in Industrial Design and later earning MBAs. According to them, the real deal with Design Interface is that it gave them control over their lives.

Carla kicked off the business in 1984 with freelance graphics after her MBA. Adrian, also armed with an MBA, joined later. The first client, Rossborough Manufacturing, came in 1984, coincidentally Adrian’s employer at the time. With a one-year-old son, David, in tow, Adrian left his job in 1987, and the second child, Jenna, arrived. That’s when the business expanded, taking on more industrial design work and larger projects.

Anita Morselli-Zakrajsek and Douglas Halley, our stellar employees, have been crucial to our success, sticking with us for over 30 years and consistently delivering exceptional work. We owe much of our journey to their dedication. Also, we recently added a new CIA alumnus, Daniel Roth, to our industrial design team.

Design Interface Inc. can show you what is possible. Our forward-thinking solutions for product design, package design, medical device design, graphic design, and photography unlock the value of your ideas as we communicate your message and goals. See more here: https://designinterface.com/

To view our full history go to the Design Interface legacy book at: https://designinterface.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/DI_HISTORY_BOOK_LAYOUT_010923.pdf